What you can buy in Manhattan for a million dollars

06 May What you can buy in Manhattan for a million dollars

– This is a new house, I suppose? – It’s not new. – It looks as if it is from the 50s. – Well, yes, maybe. – And in this house? – The apartments cost about a million dollars ($ 999.999) each, now we’ll see what is there, I really do not know. – Well, go ahead! – Now it’s “open hours”, you can come and look at it. – A very convenient system. – I12F, on the right side. – The apartment is on the 12th floor, one bedroom, approximately 60 sq. meters, the price is million dollars. – Let’s see what you can buy in Manhattan for a miserable million. – You can buy almost every property in Moscow for a million dollars, okay, not every. – Bu it can be 150-200 square meters in the old house within the Boulevard Ring, with a good repair. – You’ll buy a doghouse for that money in New York. – Here, in front of you is a man who will sell you… – A doghouse! – For $ 1.000.000, right? – Yes, that’s right, you need to keep in mind that we are in UWS of Manhattan, one of the best parts of the city. If we search in some other areas, then of course we will find something much cheaper (Brooklyn, Queens). – You can buy 200 square meters, the main question is whether you want to live in that area, I am not sure. – Mafia is exactly the same everywhere: the Chinese and Italians … – Corridor as in a hotel – carpet. – Everywhere are carpets, the doors are the same everywhere, in fact it looks like some 4-star hotel. – Doors, by the way, are a feature of the house, so they can not be changed. – Yes, you are right, many places are exactly the same. So what we see here is a quite cheap primitive repairment, ceilings are a bit more than 2 meters – Well, yes, very low. – Low ceilings. Pay your attention on the fact, that, like everywhere in America, there is no ceiling light. It is implied that you will put up floor and other lamps in this bedroom. And you will be happy with it. But the view is awesome! – Look, there is a palace. – By the way, we’ll explore it today. -Really?! Wow! – I bet … (the idea is lost) – The apartments there are sold too, we will see one. * opening a window from the apartment for $ 1,000,000 * Here is the view from the “million dollars” apartment. The neighbors have a balcony with noisy air conditioning, now someone is drinking below. – There’s some party downstairs, this is a common place for the tenants, right? – It is possible that this is a common territory for residents, and someone there is just celebrating a holiday. – This apartment is also with a balcony, so do not worry. – I get it, there’s a balcony too. – What a beautiful house opposite! – There is some kind of heating/air conditioning, which is 25 years old. – Yes, the windows are old, old aluminum frames. It is quite noisy, as you can see here there is the dirt and soot from the curtains that were here before. You see such a mess here, it immediately discourages the desire to buy anything, you see, everything else is broken down. The apartment needs at least cosmetic repairs. The most ordinary cheap parquet. – Own kitchen, yes a little old, 25 years old. – The kitchen is three square meters, the kitchen is just awful! What we have there: a large sink, a gas primitive stove, a microwave oven, and a refrigerator. A large american fridge, a small number of cupboards. The kitchen is closed, as we saw in many houses – a typical kitchen in the US looks more like a laundry. A separate area where you will prepare food and go to eat it in the hall. This is not a soviet kitchen, with a table. A soviet hostess, she does what: – she cooks, and at the time while she is preparing the meal the girlfriends must sit next to her, so that she wouldn’t get bored, – friends should sit around the table, chat, because the process of cooking russian food can take all day. – for example, you do some “kulebyaka”, cabbage rolls, or “borscht”, it can take the whole day. – Sure, here you can only warm up a pizza, and take it to the hall. – You can not sit here with your friends. Russian people do not understand this. The bathroom is represented as an ordinary american toilet, a small sink, dirt is all around. They did not paint anything here. Here everything is old, which is good, because there is a shower head. Because usually Americans do not make shower heads, but just put a stationary shower. – What is the real price of this apartment? – I think less, around $ 900.000 – Around $ 800.000? – No, around $ 950.000 – Is it bought because of the location? – Yes, they buy because of the location, you buy, do repairs, then you create something cool and sell it again. – Let’s look at the neighboring houses. Look at the insane density of the buildings. There is a street, there is a street, and between the streets no space! No yards! You ask: – “Why do they throw away garbage right in the streets in New York” Because in contrast to Chicago in New York, the design did not provide for technical trips. Therefore: garbage, loading, unloading, all these technical processes that spoil the city occur on the main streets. – Do you see the density inside? – There is nothing at all. Someone has a roof, and they made a kindergarten on the roof. if you are not lucky to live on a high floor, then you live in a real well. – I think the apartment below will be 300,000 cheaper. – Look, there’s at least some kind of a view here. – Look, you see at least something here. And down there you can not see anything except boilers. By the way, do not forget about the noise, you see there are industrial air conditioners downstairs, they are making noise all day long. – I get it. The elevator hall is very beautiful. All of this really reminds of an old 4-star hotel. – Well, the classic of the 70’s. Yes, here we have not just an apartment, there is a real gym. By the way a normal gym is included in the rental price, you can say you pay for the service. – Do you have to pay for the service by the way? – $ 600 tax, $ 660 per month for home services. – The rent will be something around $ 1200, right? – Yeah. For this you are rewarded with a hall, and a patio, which you can reserve and sit there with your friends. In addition to all this beauty, the price includes the use of a swimming pool, which is very good for Americans by the way. In our place you buy a doghouse that you never leave, You put up an iron door and that’s all. You can make your own swimming pool in the living room. And Americans have such a pool in the house. You can swim here, great. The pool is small, only 25 meters but nevertheless … In our places the rent is $ 600 dollars, so is the tax. This payment includes a gym, a swimming pool, and a roof. There is an announcement ,soon it will be Halloween. “As you know on Tuesday, there will be Halloween, if you want children to come to you, please register in the list.” Then the concierge will give you a special sign on the door and the children will know that they can visit you. So that the children do not bother you, if you do not like children. October 31, the children will go around the house, knock on the door, and you will give them candy! Such is the tradition. No dogs! – And this is the roof here, listen, well, it’s very cool. – Look, this is the house we’re going to look at. This is a former hotel, about which Dima wants to write a post. There are other houses, and look, almost all roofs are used. For some reason, this is not done in Russia, but here it is quite a normal story. – Listen, the terrace is cool! – You can pay for the terrace. Even the central park is visible! We have a view of the Hudson River, there is Broadway, there is a LGBT flag flying proudly, The Central Park is seen behind these skyscrapers, actually. Real estate in a few blocks from here towards the central park cost ten times more expensive. That tall skyscraper is Park-Avenue 432 Which is not really Park-Avenue but nonetheless there is that house, and there is the Broadway. Generally for a million dollars, if you buy for the sake of a good place, in a few blocks there is the Central Park. With a roof, with views, with a swimming pool, with an old house where you need to make repairs … I still have to invest … one million. – Well, not a million but $ 200,000-300,000, why not? – Well, yes. Here is a small apartment of 60 square meters. meters for 1 million $. Ladies and gentlemen, we are near a new property, this is another house with an apartment for $ 1.000.000 The same junk of the 70’s, can be seen somewhere in Biryulyovo, but they would not pay attention. But there is such a trendy entrance to the house. You can buy a car and drive up here, maybe even this bald gentleman will open the door for you. – It’s much more fashionable there, you see what kind of interiors there are. It’s like an old 5-star hotel. It smells good, carpets are everywhere. It’s strange that they did not make a carpet there, because carpets in America s are even at the airports. In all public places they usually have a carpet, but here, for some reason, they originally made a tile. Well, here is the good old carpet, the interior here is simpler. But still, it looks like it’s in a hotel. – Attention, we go in, the 3rd floor. (apartment 333) Here the main thing is not to get killed by the chandelier, the ceilings are again very low. – Pretty low … * laughter * – Pay attention to how they did the promotional photos. – If you look, you’ll see that the photos are made at such a height that it seems like high ceilings. In fact, you can practically reach the ceiling. – Look what a good angle it turns out to be, we can even see the sockets here. Very strong distortion in fact, judging from the picture it seems that the room is very large. It is not this way, actually. Because the chandelier hangs at the level of your head, the main thing is not to get killed by it. Here is the bedroom, at least in comparison with the previous apartment here the cosmetic repair was made. They painted the walls, waxed the parquet, and the parquet now seems new. Actually, everything is so fresh (freshly painted). At the same time, the apartment is insanely small, 58 sq. M. – The same 58 square. meters. Pay attention, the entrance to the bath is through the bedroom. So if guests come to you, they will walk through the bedroom. – Through the closet most likely, not the bed. – Maybe there is another guest toilet there? Wardrobes, more closets, this is the bathroom here. Here is the bedroom, the view from the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor, the view is not so spectacular from there, there is a view of the entrance to the building. Quite old heating, which was repainted a hundred times. The photo gives an impression that there is simply a huge living room. #FAKE Here is a huge living room # FAKE they think that here is such a bedroom, in fact there are only 10 square meters. and everything is very small. And it costs $ 999,888. They made up such a beautiful price, you also still need to pay $ 556 rent and $ 542 taxes. A horrible layout with one sanitary unit in the bedroom. A new technique unlike the previous apartment. It is unusual that the kitchen, is too, where in Russia there is a wardrobe or laundry at the entrance, Americans usually make such a small kitchen. A dishwasher, again, such a kitchen hood, microwave, cool American refrigerator. The fridge is really cool! There must be such a cool fridge everywhere in America! A dishwasher. – So they want a million for this? – Listen, I don’t really know if I had to choose between this one and that other one, – I don’t know which one would I choose. It’s really much cooler here, especially when you enter – a real feeling of a 5-star hotel. But the conditions are awful. … with a toilet through the bedroom. – All right, let’s go. Please note that there are the same doors, and the same pointers in every apartment. Actually, the corridor looks very cool. – I can not understand, where do they store bicycles, potatoes and other staff? *laugh* – Well,there is a separate room for bicycles, most people simply do not buy this room. Look at the corridor in your house and the corridor in an American house. Well, and carpets, are so soft and good. A beautiful elevator. – We’re going down now, I thought we wanted to go up. – Right, we’re going down. This is how the elevator hall looks. With pictures, with puffins, some other furniture. – Look, the mailbox is right in the house. Mailboxes, that’s how they look, here on the screen you can see the actual status of parcels in the box. With this you can see the type of mail: letter, parcel, or clothing. – Yes, the clothes from laundry. So you immediately know: if it is a letter or clothes they brought you from the laundry. If you did not pay attention, in no apartments they have a washing machine. So they don’t wash clothes at home. In general, an American house looks like a hotel. And by the way, it differs only a little from the hotel in terms of facilities. There is such a misunderstanding when you tell people that you pay a huge rent in addition to taxes. People say: – “How can this be true?” So you pay extra money only for extra things. For the laundry, for the fact that you have such a beautiful corridor, for the reception, where a person sits and escorts guests. The laundry looks great! – On each floor there is drying and washing for $ 2 each. There are 3 washing machines and two drying machines on every floor. But they still use laundries instead, where everything will be done for them, where they don’t have to waste their time. So this is what the house is like. Another house, and another apartment for a million. – We no longer know what to choose, haha. – We need to see something else! – OK, let’s go further! – We are going on the part of the boulevard’s reverse, which was a great project earlier. – It was realized in the 90s (the construction was started). – All this territory from there to the next street used to be a large railway depot. – One day the railway was bankrupt, and in general everything here was forgotten. – There were many projects,in the end, one project was implemented, it was under the guidance of Trump, who is now the president. – In general, he actively participated in this (the president), and even now we see a house with the inscription “Trump”. – He was very fond of his name, and now he also is… – He called the whole project Trump City. – Trump City is a whole complex of houses, but each house has its own name, this one for example Trump Place. – Further there will be 120 Trump, for example. – And we also see the Trump Place there. – In general it was a large project, considering the fact that there is little land and there was only a point development. – There was a huge piece of land with several blocks, which was built up since the mid-90’s. – By the way, the last houses are being built up to now. – We will now see what kind of apartments are there and at what price. – It is complicated to fit in the budget of a million, of course, there are small studios with such a price. – The houses are of different level there, clearly higher. – Payments are higher, prices are higher. let’s go and see several options now and compare them. Yes, it’s in Trump’s style, for $ 9,000,000 you can buy it, there are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. It’s $ 5,800.000, well… $ 2,000.000 $ 1,600.000 This is all demo furniture, when you will buy this apartment they will take everything away. There is such a service here, you can rent furniture in the apartment during the show. A very good planning of the apartment. Garbage chute. And the corridor, we got a bad agent who decided to forbid taking pictures. – Well, people live there and do not want to show their personal belongings. – Firstly, these are not personal things, but the things they rented. For $ 1,300,000 you get an apartment a little better in this house. – The apartment is bigger, the planning is better. – Well, I think that the price per meter is about the same. There are repair works everywhere. The way out is through the technical floor, because the lobby is under repair. This apartment costs $ 1,500,000 It is a little bigger, with her angular view. On one side you can see the road with all these houses. On the other side we have a view of the beautiful overpass. – By the way, the agent says that when the park will be finished here, the price of the apartment will grow significantly. – Really? – Well, I think the park will not be built so quickly. – It will grow like $ 2 more… * laughter * – In general, not much. You can see that someone lived there, but there is already a good kitchen here. The kitchen here with such an island in the center, that’s how it looked. $ 1000 service, and $ 1200 taxes. And this is the entrance to the bedroom, the entrance to the bedroom through such wardrobes. And this is a small bedroom. You see, here is no upper light, as it often happens in America. Because they put floor lamps, lamps on the bedside tables, hang something else … upper light is very often not done. In general, everything here is quite small, and this is worth $ 1,500,000 Toilet, bathroom, shower, all is lined with some kind of marble. – Wow, look, we have a washing machine here! And a huge cool refrigerator. – Very good. *statement* – And here you can still make an office or something. – But, would it be my will, I would transfer the kitchen here, but here I would make a large living room. – But they decided in a different way. In general, Americans, when it comes to apartments, they push kitchens into some closets. – Planning … do you see that this part is useless? – Well… – If only you could replace the kitchen… – You can not replace anything here, if only theoretically. – The question is how much will it cost. – Yes, this will force you to give up all your fantasies. Carpets, beautiful doors, in general everything is like in a hotel. Here are public areas, you can sit there quietly. And here you can… – Just wanted to say that you can smoke here, but actually you can’t” (a sign) If you want to listen to the noise of industrial air conditioners that are buzzing here from here, most likely the ventilation is from that parking lot. These are public areas. Everything looks like a hotel! We went down to the basement, you can reserve the space here and throw a party, there is a large space for children. There are lots of toys. Why do we need a children’s room, when a child can be dropped here with a nanny, and he will play here. But for this you have to pay $ 1000 per month. Yes, there’s a pretty big gym here. There is also a large laundry. Board games are everywhere. You can even play billiards. And by the way there is a cinema. All this is included in the payments that you pay. Everything ends up in such a beautiful lobby. And, of course, a special person opens the doors. Subscribe, otherwise Trump will call your house in honor of his name!

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