The battle between the states to attract the best companies, and thus the best opportunities, is intense. Though only nine states have no income tax, they represent five of the top ten fastest growing economies in the country.  Two of the remaining top ten states have no sales tax. Of the ten fastest growing cities in the United States, nine are in states with no income tax. This growth is the direct benefit of having small, highly efficient and entrepreneurial government!

In Connecticut, we MUST:

  • Invigorate, Innovate, and De-regulate
  • Become a high-growth state by eliminating the state income tax
  • Drastically slash spending and regulations
  • Demand that our once great cities restructure and renew
  • Fully dismantle welfare in all of its varied forms
  • Fix the disaster that is our pension system and fully transition to 401(k) style retirement plans
  • Drive health care costs to become the lowest in the nation
  • Create the #1 business climate in the nation
  • Make Connecticut truly revolutionary – again!