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Orison Squirrell: damn you old house. »

Armafly: Thanks for your video.»

Laura Powell: Gah! Can’t seem to get at the set screw to remove the tub spout. Any suggestions?»

Andy Carrillo: The other way was better. You should have just untwisted the inners out of the one you used and twisted it on. Now you’ll have a leak pretty soon. »

Donald Nash: Thanks for the very plain explanation. »

JR_Florida: No silicon caulk before replacing new one?»

iScaper1: Thanks Joshua, I appreciated the feedback.

iScaper1: Thanks, so I’m assuming you live in Canada, and there they are called bathtub adapter spouts?

brandon429: now i don’t feel so bad about my grubby tub, you must be working on a bach tub too

Brent Jeon: Hi, I could not take out the tub spout because the rust makes spout stucked to the pipe. Is there any ways to take out the spout not having any damages to the pipe ?

iScaper1: No easy answer here. You can’t lubricate anything because pipe and/or threads are inside the spout. The spout needs to come off and hopefully you don’t break the pipe when removing.

Good luck.

jaymeez: How did you learn to do all this stuff? I would love to learn!

Yuguo Du: Thanks for sharing this video. The situation I have is the same with this video. I can not buy the sprout with thread front in Homedepot.

All the type of sprout Homedepot have are new one which has no thread.

I have to take off the small extended copper pipe flollowed this video. And then I installed the new type of sprout I got from Amazon. Thank you so much.

iScaper1: I wondered why there was a coupling sweated on before the male adapter. What you’re saying makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.

iScaper1: So you’re repairing damage done from a leaking diverter spout?

iScaper1: Not sure if you should keep doing that because you are pushing against water pressure. On the inside of the diverter there is a small rubber gasket on the lift knob that seals off when you pull up. If you keep pushing it on and off against the water pressure you might damage the gasket and have to replace the diverter spout again.

Better to turn of the water first before pushing the knob down.

iScaper1: Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

Seth Braun: That is what I needed to see!

theresa lauritzen: is it the same for one with a hand held shower valve on it. or does it require more skill

Tom S: thanks

Jeanny Wong: Thank-you for your suggestions.

AttommicDog: Good job. What I needed to see.

Josie Robinson: My husband has spent hours a day for well over a week trying to replace the spout. He did the handle, shower head, etc. but he couldn’t do the spout. I watched your video, ran to Home Depot and 3 minutes after I got home we had a working shower.

I CANNOT wait to see his face when he gets home. Thank you! Now I’m trying to decide if I should tell him it took 3 minutes or 3 hours 🙂

iScaper1: Yes, it’s worth a try. Report back on how it works.

Jeanny Wong: Thanks for your video. How can I remove the screw that is holding the spout in place if the screw has lost its edges and is bald and is also rusted over. I can turn the spout counter-clockwise but I cannot pull the spout out.

Any suggestions?

desert sailor: I have a similar problem to Jeanny Wong. When I first attempted to remove the spout by turning counter-clockwise, it would not come off but kept turning without advancing. Apperently it has a set screw, but the screw is no longer aligned with the drain hole!

Would a workable option be cutting the rear lip of the faucet with a hacksay to expose the set screw?

keeganeddy: Nice tooth brush

Mouselips1: This was really helpful, thanks. We’ve been limping along with a bad diverter faucet since we purchased our home. Turns out it was missing a washer.

We replaced our old faucet with ease using your video.

DJ WRECK: nice dam things brand new been leaking since last june! remodeling the whole rest of the house!

Linford Wenger: Exact info I needed to know to replace the identical valve in my house. Thanks for the show! Very helpful.


Fastfreddy5250: You did too much work. The replacement spout that you purchased can be used to screw on to the existing pipe threads that you have, or fit over a bare copper pipe. All you needed to do was to unscrew the white plastic insert out from the replacement spout.

Then you would see the female threads deep inside the spout. It screws right onto the pipe that was sticking out your wall! Less than 5 minutes!

iScaper1: I’m glad the video was helpful, thanks for the feedback.

Brent Jeon: thank you so much. it’s a big help.

iScaper1: Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback.

Trent Gibbs: You brush your teeth in the shower. JK. Thanks for the info / video!

scottpstokes: Very straightforward. Thank you very much.

iScaper1: What a great story. He probably won’t believe you if you tell him you watched a video and did it in 3 minutes.

Michael O’Connell: why wouldnt you just get a spout with the treads towards the front?

miriam taylor: Yep that’s what I did and it worked.

Martin Landeros: only 2 words: THANK YOU!

DJ WRECK: wondering if i can change escutcheon plate and center fixture without all interior components – like the oring area – pres bal unit and cartridge – are these all different based on manufacturer or can we change em outside only? hmmm?

iScaper1: Thanks for watching.

marl745: Just wanted to say thank you. I have been dealing with a shower with a broke diverter for months now. I didnt know how to repair it. plus it was in my 2nd bathroom so i was lazy with figuring it out.

I always assumed there was a way to put the stem on the spout back in w/ the plastic peace inside and make it fit correctly to work again(that whole thing just fell out one day).

Guess i was wrong. LOL. thanks again!

iScaper1: Replacement spout was shorter in length than the original spout so the process you describe wouldn’t work, it would leave the back edge of the new spout around an inch from the shower wall.

gizmeu: I had that exact problem, took me 5 minutes to arrange it. Thanks a lot. )

iScaper1: Very kind, thanks Martin.

yutbppgd: thanks, very useful

CanadianSouthpaw: In my area we call them adapters not diverters. Good video.

Kai Jiang: Thanks for the video. There is a problem when I switch the diverter back and forth between spout and shower head while the water is running. There is no leak from the spout for the first time but it leaks afterward.

When I turn the water off and wait for 10 times. The same pattern happens again. No leak for the first pull up but not so afterwards.

Do you know the reason for that?

Thank you.

iScaper1: No easy answer here. 1. You could try drilling the screw out but would need to be careful you don’t damage the copper pipe. 2. If you can rotate the spout to where the set screw is on top you might get a small pair of pliers on the screw to remove it.

3. Finally you could try rotating the spout back forth applying some lubricant like WD 40 on the pipe and then continuing to twist the spout back and forth with constant outward pressure seeing if the spout will slide off the pipe.

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