PSI Exam Tip For General Contractors, Which Code Books

06 May PSI Exam Tip For General Contractors, Which Code Books

This is RODFOR with my contractor’s license, wanted to talk to you today about which code books to use during your test. During your test you’re going to encounter a couple of different code books. We always get this question; which book should I use? There is usually an OSHA which is employee safety, you have either an IBC which is international building code or an IRC if you’re doing residential exams, so you’ll see these books look similar, but they are different. And then every once in a while with some exams you’ll encounter something called an ANSI Book which is for handicap accessibility. Which book do I use when I see a code question? First of all, how do you identify a code questions? Typically a code question will have words like shall, will, must, will not, maximum, minimum. These are command questions, they are not actually asking you about a technique, they are saying this is the maximum, minimum, whatever. Anytime you see a question on your exam that’s using those words, you can start thinking code right off the bat.
We’re not talking technique; we’re talking maximum and minimum, things of that nature. You see a code question, you’ve kind of got it identified, but now which book? One of the quick easy tricks you can do is anytime it deals with employee safety, always OSHA; this is going to cover how loud it can be, how dusty it can be, how high they can be, you’ve to keep your people alive and healthy while you’re building, so always go with your OSHA Book. To deal with the public safety, now I have to keep anybody healthy and alive that I have sold the house to or the building to or whatever the occupancy. Now you’re going to start thinking about your IRC or your IBC. This is where you talk about your light switches; how high they can be, how low they can be, shower curbs, all that’s going to be covered in these type of code books. Anything to do with employee safety is OSHA, anything that to do with public safety, then go back to your IRC or your IBC. Finally one word on the ANSI Book; this is not used in every exam, but this is a common book, this is going to cover all your codes for again handicap and accessibilities. That’s your test tip for today, thanks.

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