Hello, and thank you to all the voters and residents who have taken the time to visit us here to learn more about our campaign and our big plans for the State of Connecticut.

I graduated from Stamford High School a few moons ago now, back in 1985.  Yes, this was back in the days when we had no income tax and Connecticut was the #1 economy in the nation.  I then joined the military, lived in fast growing states like California, Texas and Washington, before moving back to Connecticut 4 years ago.  The first question I had to ask myself after being gone for over 25 years was “What happened?

I spent 6 years active duty in the US Military.  During that great time I learned Russian in Monterey, CA, lived in Berlin and saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, traveled and got to see a lot of the World, and finished 2 and a half years of university to include one year in Texas.

Upon leaving the service I relocated to Seattle and worked while I finished my degree in International Studies at the University of Washington.  I was fortunate to have had a successful sales career, co-founded a gourmet food retail shop at the Pike Place Market, and founded a custom houseboat building business that has been featured on national television twice. These pursuits have allowed me the luxury of being able to dedicate my current time fully in pursuit of the office of Governor here in my beloved home State of Connecticut.

Since much will be asked and demanded from many, I will personally start the cost savings by donating 20% of my Governor’s salary back to the state. I will accept $0 in any health care benefits from the State for me or my family, and will accept $0 in any retirement plan from the State.  We will find alternative ways to cover the costs to run the Governor’s mansion, and will drastically reduce the Governor’s security detail expense, reported some years to run over $2 million.

I’ve always known for years that there would be a time when I would want to enter politics.  What’s the primary asset I bring to this Connecticut Governor’s Race?  Very simple: Common Sense!  If you take just a few minutes to read through our Issues pages, besides getting a brief and very easy to understand picture of the state of affairs here in Connecticut, you’ll see our clear cut and common sense vision and plan for becoming the smallest, most efficient and most entrepreneurial government in the country

I was away from home for awhile, but my experiences as a citizen of the high-growth state of Texas (No Income Tax, Minimal Regulations), the #1 state in economic growth, Washington (No Income Tax, No Car Tax, Low Property Tax), and the high-growth  state of California (High Taxes, Highly Regulated, Great Climate), give me a perspective I believe that no other candidate in this race has.

We have the Vision and we have the Plan!  We would love to have you join us to help make this a reality.  In these writings we’ve tried to cross into your world and speak to you personally.  Perhaps we’ll have the good fortune of being able to meet you face to face in the near future.

Thank you!