This is a topic that, over the years, I have found people to be very passionate about and very opinionated about, yet there is mostly silence in the State and Federal government legislatures. Why? Is it fear? Is it political correctness?

Plain and simple. The vast majority of people despise welfare programs in all of their varied forms. Though admittedly these programs were formed with good intentions, we have reached a point where we need to be fully honest about the results and ask ourselves some basic questions:

  • Do these programs bring people out of poverty or just keep them there, often for multiple generations with no end in sight?
  • Do these programs help support family structures, or are they an incentive for poor habits and poor choices?
  • Do these programs help people raise their standard of living, or do they incentivize people to “lower the bar”, making sure they never lose their “benefits”?
  • Is anyone you know who is accomplishing great things in life a recipient of any social welfare program?
  • For people with excellent attitudes and work ethics, who truly want to succeed, are there many who are incapable of surviving on their own in this country?
  • For people who fall on hard times, as we all do, why are families not looked to first and almost exclusively as the support system needed, as was the case just a few generations ago?
  • If dismantling these programs, would we as Connecticut residents allow people to starve to death or allow good people, especially with children, to go fully homeless? Where are their extended families and why are they not there to help to begin with?
  • What percentage of people receiving Social Welfare are extreme hardship cases, truly in need?
  • How many recipients are outright abusing and cheating the system, defrauding the government and hard working tax payers?

Our unapologetic goal and plan is very clear. We plan to dismantle the welfare system and be the State that provides real opportunities.