State of Connecticut Budget – 2017 (rounded off numbers)

3.7 billion       Social Services and Welfare

2.7 billion       Interest on Debt (State has $60 billion in current debt)

2.5 billion       Medicaid  (Free health care for poorer people)

2.3 billion       Pension Payments (1.3 billion to State Workers and 1 billion to Teachers)

760 million     Health Care Costs to State Employees (66k total workers, $12k per year per employee)

730 million     Health Care Costs Retirees ($14k per year per person, even though Medicare starts at 65)

625 million     Prison System  (14k inmates, $44k per year per inmate to include $6,500 in medical care)

550 million     Judicial System and the Courts

3.1 billion       Education Department – Public Primary Schools

550 million    UConn, State Universities, Technical Colleges  (State support beyond tuitions collected)

610 million    Department of Transportation

1.5 billion      Balance to Numerous Other Offices and Functions

19.5 billion     Total

On average, a family of four in Connecticut contributes $22,000 per year in taxes to the state.  Here’s where that money goes:

Connecticut has the second highest tax burden per resident in the United States, only slightly behind that of New York.  If the current proposal for tolls, an increased gas tax, and a tire tax is passed, we’ll be the #1 most taxed state.  Though our government brings in more money per resident than any other state in the country, we still have constant budget crises, and this past year we were the last state in the nation to pass a budget.  Our state has been run by fiscal fools for long enough!

Our plan is very clear and simple.  We are going to drastically cut spending and will quickly start working our way to being one of the least tax burdened states in the nation!