What would the most entrepreneurial and most business friendly government in the country be like? Ever evolving? Ever questioning? Ever looking for efficiency improvements? Ever engaging?

With insurance company requirements and on line review platforms for virtually every business out there, how much “protection” is really needed from the state government? When was the last time we heard of someone calling the attorney general’s office to check on a company’s reputation? Even great grandmothers now commonly have smart phones as their go to to find information and reviews about businesses. How many regulations are for the consumer, and how many are in place to protect  entrenched interests and to lock out competition?

If Connecticut were the most entrepreneurial and most efficient government in the country:

  • Would we bar a licensed dental hygienist from starting their own cleaning practice?
  • Would residential heating and plumbing contractors be the only ones in the Nation having to follow labor union licensing programs that bar them from hiring out-of-state employees, thus greatly hampering growth and profitability?
  • Would a stay at home parent or individual be bared from starting a food preparation business from their home in order to make meals for others?
  • Would parents have to sit through a state-mandated safety class when their child is getting a driver’s license?
  • Would motorcycle riders be forced to pay the state hundreds of dollars to sit through a 3-day state run mandatory class, when a simple skills test would suffice?
  • Would we still pretend that a bottle deposit is intended for recycling purposes, and is not just another hidden tax on our residents?
  • Would we sit by and blindly accept having the highest utility rates in the country, or would we aggressively look for alternatives?
  • Would the state government tell us when we can and cannot purchase alcohol?
  • Would we encourage public-private partnerships to develop a pier and entertainment area somewhere along our beautiful coastline, in an effort to spur tourism?
  • How much more efficient could we make the Department of Transportation in repaving our highways?
  • Would we better develop and commercialize our regional airports in Stratford and New Haven, to include services to Long Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island?
  • Perhaps most importantly, how would we specifically re-develop our once great cities to make them desirable destinations again?

Our goal is to rebuild our great state into the most efficient and most entrepreneurial state in the nation!