Clear and simple philosophy

15 Jun Clear and simple philosophy

Plugwise has a clear and simple philosophy: the Greenest energy is the energy you do not use. Plugwise is not just a system to monitor and switch off appliances, it is a comprehensive, efficient and simple-to-use system, to reduce energy consumption and therefore save you money, across your business. By centralising the control of all your energy usage, Plugwise allows you to make the best choices to reduce your energy consumption by up to 50 per cent.

Plugwise components operate wirelessly and can be easily retro-fitted and installed without any interruption to your business. User-friendly and simple to operate, Plugwise ‘source’ software can be downloaded and updated free of charge.

The average payback period of a Plugwise system is generally between one and three years. It is also eligible for the advanced Capital allowance scheme for Energy Efficient Technologies.

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