CarbonLight Homes offered as a potential benchmark

17 Sep CarbonLight Homes offered as a potential benchmark

CarbonLight Homes offered as a potential benchmark Kettering Borough Council is encouraging the developers of the Kettering East Sustainable Urban Extension to consider the key principles of VELUX’s CarbonLight Homes in Rothwell.

The 329 hectare site has outline planning permission for 5,500 new homes which will be built over a ten year period with all those built after 1st January 2016 required to meet a new national zero carbon standard. The homes will form the hub of a new community to include a secondary school, four primary schools and retail and leisure facilities.

VELUX’s two CarbonLight Homes are designed to the latest Government definition of zero carbon with at least a 70% reduction in on site carbon emissions and 30% offset through energy efficiency improvements to existing local authority housing in the area. As well as being carbon neutral the homes also promote occupant health and wellbeing through increased natural daylight and ventilation.

Keith Riddle, managing director at VELUX Company Ltd, commented: “We are delighted that Kettering Borough Council is offering the CarbonLight Homes as a potential benchmark standard for sustainable new homes in the area. The properties address the dual challenge of building homes that are energy efficient and healthy places to live and, at a time when there is high demand for new homes, the CarbonLight Homes are an affordable model for developers, enabling them to build much needed new sustainable homes in the area.

“As part of the monitoring phase of the project, two local test families will live in the CarbonLight Homes for a 12 month period from March 2012 allowing us to monitor their energy performance and gather feedback from the residents. We look forward to sharing the findings with the developers of Kettering East Sustainable Urban Extension to help inform the town’s landmark new development.”

Derek Zanger, Kettering Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Housing, added: “We are encouraging the developers of the East of Kettering to consider the lessons that can be learnt from the innovative Velux CarbonLight Homes in Rothwell as part of their planning for thousands of new sustainable homes that are proposed to be built there.

“The building of the model homes within the Borough and the current real life trial provides an excellent opportunity for developers to see how environmental technologies perform in real life and how real people experience living in an eco-home.”

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